PN: 2001-V-SOCOM Kit: SOCOM 16/II Kit

PN: 2001-V-SOCOM Kit: SOCOM 16/II Kit


Now available as a 3 piece system with optional short muzzle brake (P/N 1002-RR). Any of the parts shown can be purchased separately:

Gas lock, P/N 2001V-GL, 5/8”x24 with .730” length of thread, made from 1144 fatigue proof steel bar stock. Height of the gas lock dovetail deck allows the use of a standard USGI front sight, SEI NM front sight, or Tritium systems (sights not included). Use of Gas Lock Wrench P/N 2017 is recommended with this kit.
Muzzle brake, P/N 1005-SS (SEI sound suppressor capable), with jam nut. Both pieces made from 8620 bar stock steel, black nitrited for a period of time at our SOP heat range for corrosion resistance and extreme surface hardness (the same process used for our M14 barrels and the M2 .50 cal Vortex couplers we make for the U.S. Navy).
Muzzle brake, P/N 1002-RR. Shorter brake for those who do not want sound suppression, and it works the same as the longer brake (P/N1001-SS) made from the same material of 8620 and heat treated the same way with the same threads and jam nut.
Vortex, P/N 1000V (SEI sound suppressor capable), made from 8620 and case hardened to our spec. This is the same Vortex we supply to Colt Defense. Magnesium phosphate finished to MIL-STD-171. Threaded standard 5/8”x24 with .735” depth of thread. No jam nut or washer needed – the Vortex will self-tighten when weapon is fired. Our P/N 1019 XF-7, aka Crazy Horse grease, can be used for the threads See how this lube resists heat on Youtube.

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