PN 1007: 5.56mm DC Compensator

PN 1007: 5.56mm DC Compensator

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For AR-15/M-16 family of rifles. Sound Suppressor capable*. Made from 8620 (fine grain steel) bar stock and heat treated same as the DC Vortex. Installs with the same method as the SEI Vortex Flashhider. Substantially reduces felt recoil. No washers necessary. Also works with SEI Direct Connect Sound Suppressor. Kel-Tec .223 fits with jam nut (included).

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1 review for PN 1007: 5.56mm DC Compensator

  1. Greg Topp (Wisconsin)

    I have my Diamondback 5.56 mm set up as a street gun with Ruger folding sights front and back , a laser and a light mounted on the front sides of the hand-guard , a bi-pod below and most importantly, a Smith PN 1007: 5.56 DC Compensator. Sights and laser are rock-solid on target with that compensator on board. Just bought my 17 year old son a Ruger 5.56 rifle and there will be one of the PN 1007 compenstors on that as soon as I call in and order one. In two words, they are “simply excellent”!

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