PN 1001V-G6A2: Vortex, G6A2, 5.56

PN 1001V-G6A2: Vortex, G6A2, 5.56

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The world’s best flash suppressor for the M16-AR15 family of firearms, now available for use with SEI Direct Connect (DC) Sound Suppressor. Threaded 1/2”x 28 x .625-.630±” thread depth.

2 reviews for PN 1001V-G6A2: Vortex, G6A2, 5.56

  1. Jim Peters

    This is hands down the best FH. It not only functions better than others it just the coolest. I run Smith’s on most everything I own.

  2. Mike D

    This is my third Vortex. I recall the first time I shot it at a Department night qualification. It is very impressive how it essentially reduces muzzle flash to a glow; almost like when someone takes a draw on a cigarette in the dark. The other ARs on the line were flamethrowers by comparison. Defitely makes target acquisition in low-light conditions faster. Thank you for a top-shelf product and outstanding customer servce.

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