PN 2013: GLFS-D-18 Dovetail

PN 2013: GLFS-D-18 Dovetail

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Deck height allows use of GI or match front sight. Chrome-moly, highly advanced metallurgical process. Double heat treated, as well as M80HT, corrosion resistant 60 HRC surface. For 18.0″ barrel (i.e. MK14 SEI).

1 review for PN 2013: GLFS-D-18 Dovetail

  1. Chris Houck

    I put one of these on an M1A Scout Squad almost 14 years ago, and it fit perfectly and has worked great since. At the time, it was the only option since I was changing the front sight base for a supressor mount. Lost a little sight radius, but hasn’t been a problem since I’ve mostly run an optic anyway. The build quality & finish are great.

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