PN 2001-GL: Socom 16 Gas Lock

PN 2001-GL: Socom 16 Gas Lock

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5/8”x24 with .735” length of thread, made from 1144 fatigue proof steel bar stock. Height of the gas lock dovetail deck allows the use of a standard USGI front sight, SEI NM front sight, or Tritium systems (sights not included). Use of Gas Lock Wrench P/N 2017 is recommended with this kit.
WARNING – Will not work with factory SOCOM or SOCOM II XS Style Front sights, they sit egregiously high and will have you shooting extremely low past the point of adjustment.


1 review for PN 2001-GL: Socom 16 Gas Lock

  1. Nicholas vu

    Very nice finish. I put this on my m1a socom 2. Just wish I could use my SA from sights. The SEI gas lock is a little different from the SA gas lock. Make sure you buy the SEI front sight.

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