PN 2001-GL-NY: Compliant Gas Lock

PN 2001-GL-NY: Compliant Gas Lock


For customers with a Springfield Armory SOCOM 16 rifle who live in areas where muzzle threads, flash hiders, or even muzzle brakes are prohibited, this part may be compliant if intstalled per the law.
This part features a standard front sight deck height that allows the use of Standard GI Sight (P/N 2055), NM Front Sight (P/N 2004), Tritium Combat Bar Sight (P/N 2018), or the Tritium Combat Dot Sight (P/N 2019).

The SOCOM 16 factory muzzle brake is a one-piece casting that features a lower deck height than a standard M14/M1A. In order to compensate, sight that is sold on the SOCOM 16 is taller and wider, and the aperture is also wider, than the regular M14 version. The blade on the factory SOCOM XS sight is .135″ and the rear aperture is .130”, compared to a front sight width of .075” and an aperture of .065” on a standard size.



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