PN 2001-NM: M14 National Match Muzzle Brake

PN 2001-NM: M14 National Match Muzzle Brake

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After many request from our customers, we have created this Muzzle Brake that matches the profile of the USGI flash hider, to make it legal for use in CMP and other matches. It is a 2-piece brake manufactured from 8620 steel with 60RC surface hardness and salt bath nitrided, corrosion-resistant finish. Rear mount made from 1144 Stressproof® cold drawn barstock steel for greater durability, tensile strength, and yield characteristics. Not for use with SEI M14DC Sound Suppressor. CMP Match Legal. Front sight as shown in product photo not included.

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1 review for PN 2001-NM: M14 National Match Muzzle Brake

  1. Lloyd R. Kolack

    My .02, I’ve put 3 of these on my 3 M1a/M14. These work great. Muzzle jump is negligible, and sighting back on target is faster as recoil pulse is also lowered. All in all a good brake, well worth the money.

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