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May 14, 2011

SEI Wind Talker Suppressor demonstration, posted by Jack Rosfeld

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April 06, 2011

Hey Doug and Friends,

Here is an article I wrote on the M14 EBR-RI after a visit to TACOM last year. I'd like to make this available to you in case you care to pass it around or post it on your respective websites to promote your products. My next project is to cover Ron Smith's great contributions to our soldiers.

Semper Fi,

Eric R. Poole, Editor
SIP Division, InterMedia Outdoors

To download the PDF file, click here.

January 19, 2011

From the Shot Show.

January, 2011

SEI is pleased to congratulate Richard Smith and his manufacturing team, for their dedicated service and exceptional tradecraft for the past several decades. Richard’s team has been a great asset to SEI’s fast and superior weapon’s accessory manufacturing. We look forward to more years working together with our Cason City facility.

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December 24, 2010

New SEI Crazy Horse rifles destined for the Nevada National Guard

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December, 2010

At Camp Perry, Ron Smith poses with Doug Carlstrom, the project manager for the M14 EBR program at TACOM-RI.

Doug is holding what will soon be an accepted service rifle for competition at Camp Perry and NRA matches. The rifle pictured has our approved barrel and gas system.

This particular rifle shot 184 out of 200 at a 1000 yards by Ret. Brigadier General Eddy Newman.

We are offering a replica of this with some variations and the stocks will marked RINM-NM.

To see a larger version, click here.

December 01, 2010

Subject: Vortexes in Afghanistan

Mr. Smith,

I apologize for not contacting you sooner. This is SSG Gimmy, the guy who asked for all the vortex's to be sent to B 1/75, 101st. I recently left the Army and the email address I was using... Enclosed is a link leading to a photo album of the guys overseas. I have heard your Vortexs are being used, and liked. Thank you again for your help and generosity.

Keith Gimmy

November 22, 2010

Subject: First Crazy Horse kill!

Ron and Andy,

I just wanted to thank you again for a FANTASTIC rifle, and share my first hunting experience with my new Crazy Horse with you guys.

Just returned from the hunting camp after opening weekend of hunting season in South Alabama. Although no one bagged a whitetail, I did manage to drop this ginormous hog at dusk Saturday night. First kill with the Crazy Horse ® as well!!

I was getting dark and I saw what appeared to be a blur, at first,(thanks to the astigmatism in my right/shooting eye) moving across the field to my left, at what I figured to be about 200 yds (turned out to be 195 yds). After further, hasty, inspection I identified it as a wild hog. He was moving quickly across the open 60 yd. plot/field crossing from my far left (9 oclock) heading toward 12 o'clock briskly. I threw the Crazy Horse up and quickly lost the cross hairs in the darkness and background. I quickly spun the NF illuminated reticle down to it's lowest setting, and then placed them on the hog for a good hit just behind his right shoulder.... just before he reached the treeline on the other side.

I fired.... heard nothing, saw nothing. Went down to look and lost my place (in relation to my shooting position) in the darkness. In short, I scanned the field and treeline with the Surefire and saw nothing. Then I saw a " hole " with no grass sticking up on the field/treeline intersection. Found it!

He was BIG. Someone made off with our scale, but we figure he was a good 250-300 lbs. I'm 5'10", an even 200 lbs., so you can see how this hog compares. Hog was taken with Federal 150gr Nosler Ballistic tip at 195 yds. on the move.

Thank you again! Just wanted to share this with you guys at SEI,

Have a great Thanksgiving and Christmas Season!

Pensacola, Florida

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November 9, 2010

Subject: What a product

Dear Ron

I recently purchased four vortex flash suppressors for the following guns. A 16in barreled Rock river patrol carbine, a Ruger 13in barreled Ac556F, A 10in barreled Ar15 9mm and a 9in barreled Keltec SU16d. Here are the results.

  • 16in rock river .556 patrol carbine- no flash in total darkness
  • 10in ar15 9mm- same as above
  • 13in barreled Ac556F- unbelieveable absolutely no flash. (this gun was always a flame thrower)
  • 9in. keltec .556 SBR just a hint of flash, almost like the flick of a lighter. This gun was like a light show before your suppressor.

The results were so good had I had not seen it for myself, I would have found it hard to believe.

Thanks for the great product and for the support that you give our troops. Its a pleasure to do business with you.

Yours truly,
John Bell

November 5, 2010

Subject: Vortex technology

Mr. Smith,

I am writing to you to extend my appreciation for your innovative approach to suppressing muzzle flash with your Vortex flash hider. I recently had the opportunity to travel out to Crane Indiana and test the MK 14 MOD 1 EBR with the SEI 18 inch barrel and Vortex hider. It was a superb piece of technology, that not only performed as advertised but truly enhanced the weapons long range capabilities.

Your barrel delivered the level of accuracy so that engaging steel targets out to 950 yards was no problem, and at night the Vortex proved to be a mission- essential piece of equipment. Again, I just wanted to say job well done!

Jimmy Thompson

To see a larger version, click here.

1. MK14EBR and blackbird.
2. MK14EBR and MOD 0
3. The view from 950 yards
4. 950 yards, 12 hits

1. MK14EBR and blackbird.
2. MK14EBR and MOD 0
3. The view from 950 yards
4. 950 yards, 12 hits

Saturday, August 28, 2010

From: Lee Emerson


Sorry for the delay, I finally got a chance to get a post on EBRSOPMODS on the M14 EBR-NM. Just a FYI, Adam Russell has been very supportive. It's getting attention from Canadian M14 owners plus some of the more serious M14 guys from other boards. No drama, no BS, just good solid information on the platform. Anyway, here's what I posted... Click here

You can read the original posting here.

July, 2010

Subject: A M1a built with Smith parts in Canada

To all interested:

I am a Member of the Canadian airforce. I was in the Army and still shoot competitively. I started this project 2 1/2 years ago and was finished last fall. Thanks for your advice and great parts. It shoots great! about 5/8" @ 100M, just a bit heavy...


To see a larger version, click here.

July 12, 2010

Mr. Smith,

I’m a recently retired Mesa PD sergeant. A few weeks ago, a member of our range staff gave me a SEI AR 151M 16 muzzle brake and suggested that I install it using a crush washer. Last week, in my effort to find a crush washer, I went to your Web site, and discovered that the SEI muzzle brakes are initially supplied with jam nuts, instead of crush washers. Realizing that the tmit would have originally been supplied with a crush washer if that was the appropriate way to install it, I called your shop and arranged to come by and pick the appropriate jam nut.

When I arrived at your shop, I was absolutely amazed at the friendliness and courtesy shown to me by you and the members of your staff. When you saw that the unit I had was an older model that you haven’t manufactured in quite a few years, you arranged to trade it for a current model, and you refused to accept payment for it.

Over the past few years, the term “customer service” has largely become meaningless in our society. Because ofthat, I was absolutely awestruck by this entire experience. I had initially expected to drive to Tempe, buy ajam nut in an impersonal transaction, at an exorbitant price. Instead, I encountered a group of truly nice people and came away from the experience totally energized ...... and so awestruck that I don’t think I appropriately thanked you for the courtesy and consideration I received from you and the SEI personnel. I am truly grateful, not only for the muzzle brake, but for the experience of meeting a group of really nice people.

Thank you,
Don Duhigg

June 21, 2010

Kevin Young demos the AK Vortex (p/n 6026V) with the M14DC 0.30 Caliber Sound Suppressor (p/n 2080).

10 rounds of Engle Ballistic Research 7.62 x 39 Jackhammer Subsonic ammunition fired from a pre-ban Norinco Type 56s. The target is a metal 50 gallon drum positioned on it’s side lengthwise. The strange sound during the video and after firing had ceased are empty shell casings striking a metal farm fence that is about 3 feet off camera. Accuracy? Some of the exit holes are touching others...

Click here to see the YouTube clip

June, 2010

M14s built by SEI, and personalized by their owner, Kevin Young. From top to bottom: M21A5 RRM, Crazy Horse M21A5 EBR, Crazy Horse MK14 SEI USN Mod 0, MK14 SEI CL.

To see a larger version, click here.

May, 2010

Photos from the 80’s showing Richard Smith, Mike Gruber, and one of the Fabian brothers, shooting our early “K-Gun” and SEI built M14s.

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April 05, 2010

Ron Smith with Cindy the drug dog, a member of the Bureau of Indian Affairs Canine Unit in North Dakota, serving the Three Aflliated Tribes, also known as the Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara Nation. Donated to the Bureau by Smith Enterprise, Cindy has been used for many successful drug arrests and is partnered with Lt. Jeff White (aka Rushing Bear).

To see a larger version, click here.


February 23, 2010

I have attached a few glamor shots of my M21A5 Crazy Horse EBR in SASS trim.
– Kevin Young

To see a larger version, click here.

M21A5 Crazy Horse EBR

AT-2 Outlaws

Rec’d December 29, 2009
Subject: Paratroopers in Afghanistan

Hello and greetings from Afghanistan. My name is SGT Jordan Downs. I am in the 82nd Airborne Division. My Assault Platoon of Airborne Infantrymen and I are at a very (VERY) remote outpost in the Southern Afghanistan. At our small base, we do not have running water or plumbing, and electricity is very limited. We do, however, fly our US Flag with pride.

We survive off of MREs, water, and whenever we can (and their supplies allow), the food prepared by the Afghan National Army or local villagers. The district center here is extremely poor, even without the means to produce the lifeblood of the traditional Afghan meal – "foot" bread.

Morale here is good. I give my guys a lot of credit given the lack of supplies – emergency resupply of diesel fuel is continuously denied - and the rigorous patrol schedule required keeping the bad guys out of the area as much as possible. You can imagine that if we have such a hard time getting fuel what the response from "higher" is like when we request food items or anything to improve our humble "base".

To our SEI customers and web visitors,

We are going to be sending Vortexes to these guys, but we are also asking for people like yourselves to send or e-mail them, to see if they might need anything else to make life a little easier.

Ron and Sonja

We currently have two Smith Vortexes here; one M14 and a M4, and it makes all the difference between the typical A2 bird cage flash suppressors. The other squad leaders and I are currently working to outfit the whole platoon with the Vortex for our M4s, M249s, M14s, and the M240Bs that we have. We are hoping that you will be able to donate two Vortex Flash Eliminators for our M2s here. Our ultimate goal is to have every weapon here outfitted with the Vortex, minus our MK-19. Having the Vortex on every weapon system increases the safety and lethality of our platoon in our engagements with the enemy in the area.

Thanks again for your time and your support!

Sincerely and Respectfully,
Jordan Downs, SGT, Airborne Infantry
Jordan Downs
C Co 1-508 PIR
FOB Atghar
APO AE 09355

P.S. I have included a picture of a majority of my platoon for you. Also our mail has a habit of being stolen before it gets to us if it has cool identifying marks on it. Simple flat rate box works the best.

On a side note SGT Burrell and I are very interested in your M14 bar stock receiver. We are planning to build an M14 upon our return to the States. Could you also send us some info on your receiver? Thanks again for your support.


Rec’d January 02, 2010
Subject: Re: Paratroopers in Afghanistan

Mr. Smith,

That is awesome news, thank you. We did a little demo out here, Vortex vs Birdcage, everyone one was amazed. PFC Headley stated "There is no flash with the Vortex." Our response was "Thats the point." As for the pictures, feel free to use them. I’ll send some more so you can pick and chose. The quality might not be great because I’m have to compress them for the email. Let me know how it looks. We’ll try and get some unit patches as when we can get to a big FOB. Sorry if this email is kinda bland, We just got got in from a 3 day outing. What can you do? Thanks again

Jordan Downs


AT-2 OutlawsRec’d March 18, 2011
Subject: Paratroopers in Afghanistan

Mr. Smith,

We received the vortex flash eliminators about three weeks ago and let me tell you how extraordinary the whole thing has been for us. First of all it started with us recieving mail for the first time in about five and one half weeks and so there was alot. A few of my guys and my 1SG stared the typical army chain for unloading the mail with myself placing them in correctly divided area. Towards the end of the sorting process my 1SG will some harsh words tosses me a heavy box and asked me why I am ordering machine part form Smith Enterprise. Everyone form my platoon who was around kinda stopped, knowing what this means, while I stated that this was indeed a package from Smith Enterprise. A joyous aroma of laughter and excitment broke out with others going and telling other battle buddies about it. It was a good day with everyone receiving there much need mail. Then began the process of installing all the Vortexes (which I have included some pictures). There was a lot music excitement and jumping around. Someone explained it to me as he was a little kid on Christmas morning. For a little while everyone seem to forget where they were and just let "loose". A much needed escape.

So once again thank you for what you have done for us. And also if it is possible to get an address for you, my paltoon and I have some stuff that we would like to send you. I will pass that address to my buddies wife and she will mail the items. Since we have no mail system here.

Also I do have a question about going about having your company build me a rifle. One thing that I always to is to buy myself a gift after acomplishing an event. I bought myself and LWRC M6A2 after I graduated Jumpmaster school. I since I have found and new love, more of and infatuation or obsession with M14, I have decided that that's what I want. I had plans all along to build my one but I have been thinking that this would be a lot more meaningful. Since my platoon have a bond of some sort with SEI.

Thanks Again for your Support, you have given us alot more that just the some vortexes.

SSG Downs, Jordan

December 18, 2009

This rifle was be presented to Colt Defense President and CEO Lt. Gen. William. M. Keys, USMC (ret.), by Ron Smith, John Bainer, and Jeff Cantrell.

To see a larger version, click here.

General Keyes presentation rifle

November 2009

Certificates of appreciation from the Army Chiefs of Staff and Secretaries of the Army.

To see larger versions, click here.

Muzzle Brake

Rec’d November 17, 2009

Yes, I have had plenty of chances to shoot the weapon both in the field and on the range. I can tell you it is the best addition to my weapon. The back up shots on controled pairs or burst fire is excellent.

On the range at 25 yards, I can shoot a 30 round magazine on 3 round burst and put them all in the chest or head with no problem. Your muzzle brake (P/N 1002) provides excellent control. I prefer shooting with open sights and the sight picture never leaves my eye.

I have lots of pictures of my buddy (who also has a Smith brake) and myself in and about in Diyala Province. We even have some short video of us practicing on the range with the brakes on our weapons.

Thank you for your support to the military. Your efforts are very much appreciated by all of us.

SSG Jesse H. A. Jr.
Diyala Provintial Reconstruction Team
FOB Warhorse
Baqubah, Iraq

PS: I really wish I had one of your M-14’s to use over here. Then you would really see a Gucci picture!

To see a larger version, click here.

October 13, 2009 2:24 AM
Once again thank you for the 50 cal flash hider (P/N 6021V) that you sent Aco 2-5 CAV, 1CD. Attached are a few pics of the flash hider on the weapon system mounted on a MRAP. I have a few more but these two were the best. Thank you agin.
Carl S.
Executive Officer

To see a larger version, click here.


September 11, 2009

A recruiting banner for the Bureau of Indian Affairs. On the far right stands Officer White, aka Rushing Bear, with his canine partner Cindy, who has made many drug busts. She was donated to the Bureau by Smith Enterprise.

September 08, 2009 1:39 PM
Subject: Your Scope Mount at Work .......
Here’s your M14 scope mount (P/N 2006) at work in Afghanistan .... Report is that it improved the rifle’s accuracy 100%
Steve S.
Milton, Indiana

To see a larger version, click here.


August 2009

A side by side photo of two FN M240 machine guns, one with an SEI Vortex Flash Suppressor and the ARDEC copy.

To see a larger version, click here.

Vortex vs. ARDEC face off

Recorded in 2004, Rey Marquez empties a Beta Mag through an M16 equiped with an early SEI muzzle brake similar to our M14 USCG Brake P/N 2001.

To watch the video clip, click here.

August 2009

Kevin Young demos his M14DC equipped MK14 SEI. Sound suppression in action!

To watch the YouTube clip, click here.

March 2009

Ron Smith with the 1st Calvary testing the SEI M21A5 at Fort Bliss. To see all the images, click here.

Ron Smith at Ft. Irwin

Iraq, 2009. With the 101st Airborne, one of 26 M14s upgraded to to our M21A5/Crazy Horse.

Thursday, January 01, 2009 3:36 PM
Subject: My new M14SE "Crazy Horse Light" in 18" Barrel

Greetings Ron, Sonja, Jim, and everyone at SEI,

Here’s a tribute to the new rifle you built for me. Absolutely outstanding! Thanks for the fantastic work. Beyond all expectations.

All the best,
Bill H.

To see a close up, click here.

From: Nicholas B
Sent: Wed, Dec. 03, 2008 11:36 AM
Subject: RE: M21A5/Crazy Horse - Ft. Irwin, California

Mr Smith,

Loved the pictures from FT Irwin, I wish I could have been there for that. I have a good friend stationed out there. I attached a few pictures of our M14 with your Vortex mounted on it. The two guys with it are part of our Company sniper team we had working with us in Adamiyah, Iraq.

We have an M24, M110, and of course our M14. The soldier in ACUs with the painted rifle is me on top of the SF Shoot house on their 400m KD range on the bank of the Tigris... whata range...

Even though the army is coming up with the "latest and greatest" in rifles, I am glad the M14 is still around, and I hope to see her working for years to come, she'll always have a place with my team.

I hope you like the pictures!


To see the pictures, click here.

To: "smithenterprise"
Sent: Friday, December 05, 2008 3:12 PM
Subject: 18" SEI / LRB M25, Aimpoint T1 (with LaRue QD mount) - Hope you guys like it!

Hey All,
Just thought I’d share some pics. Ron, please use em’ if you like em’!

Best regards,

To see more pictures, click here.

Ron Smith and a nest of Army snipers conducting some 500 and 700 meter tests of the SEI M21A5/Crazy Horse, the Vortex® Flash Eliminator, and the SEI suppressors with and against the M110, M240, and M4. Ft. Irwin CA, November 2008.

To see all the images and Ron’s notes, click here.

Ron Smith at Ft. Irwin

Sunday, July 27, 2008 7:53 AM
Subject: Pic for SEI Showcase

Ron and Sonja,

Here is a pic of the MK14 MOD 0 you built for me.

The results are outstanding and I just wanted to thank you for everything.

— Kevin Young

To see a close up, click here.

Saturday, July 12, 2008 5:16 PM
Subject: m14

I wanted to send you a pic of the finished gun you built for me.

Thanks for the professional workmanship.

— Mike Croston

To see a close up, click here.

An M21A5 that was tested at Ft. Benning in March of 2008, that fired groups under 1 MOA at 1000 yards with M118LR ammo.
A variation of the M21A5 C-IED Long Range Precision Rifle (LRPR) completed for a civilian customer, with Leupold Dark Earth scope – can also be had with a Pride–Fowler 10x42 or 3-9x42 Rapid Reticle, all with a 30mm main tube.
New products, coming soon.
Over a 15 year period, SEI has manufactured approximately 500,000 M16 bolts and bolt carriers.
Iraq, 2007. Click here to see a larger version of the certificate.
Iraq, 2007: An M2HB .50 cal. with a Quick-Disconnect Vortex® Flash Suppressor, 4th IBCT, 1st Infantry Division.
Iraq, 2006: US Army 3rd Armored Cavalry Scout-Observer and Bradley crewman SPC James Olbrisch, with an M14 system made functional with a little help from his friends and family.

Click here to read a detailed account.

Richard Smith machining SEI M14 receivers from bar stock.
These two SEI M-14s were the first two we made, assembled with USGI parts. They were test fired in an unheated condition, in the white, to see how much they could stand. We couldn’t believe what we saw – the receiver did not cave in after 50 shots each. The worst thing found was that the head space set back only .003 to .004, far less than we expected. The material used, a high grade 8620, was part of the reason it held so well. We cut them up after that test.
American flag flown over Iraq, presented to SEI, 11 August 2005. Click here to see the certificate.
5 inch shell presented to SEI by the Capt. of the USS Mahan for building some of our Crazy Horse M-14/M21A5 rifles in 3 days, delivered the following day, just in time before they had to shove off.
Israel, 1986: Smith Enterprise’s Ron Smith, on left, with a sniper rifle built by him in Mesa. Az, visits with an IDF Major. At right is Mike Gruber.
Sonja Sommers, vice president of Smith Enterprise, test fires one of our M14K guns that she barreled and head spaced.
Before and after pictures of a build for the the US Army’s Second Infantry Division (2ID), currently employed in both Iraq and in Korea.
Some of the M14SE’s that were built for the Navy, to be used on surface combatants.
The MK14 SEI variant.