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Government, Military, and Law Enforcement: Please contact SEI directly through official channels for pricing quotations and availability. We will also honestly and objectively advise you on what best meets your mission requirements. Likewise, we are especially keen on user feed back and are always open to new ideas on product improvements and new product development – especially from the shooter perspective.


We offer a wide variety of solutions, accessories, and services for many tactical applications.
If what you see isn‘t listed – contact us.

M14SE SDM and
M14 SEI Rifle
A basic primer on the M14SE "Crazy Horse" Squad Designated Marksman (SDM) and the MK 14 SEI rifle.
M14K Check with us for the reintroduction of this modern classic.
M14 parts
and accessories

•  Key Elements
•  Vortex/Brakes/Suppressors
•  Grips/Mounts
•  Accessories
SEI M14SE DiSDMembledThe complete listing of all available M14/MK14 SEI/M14SE "Crazy Horse" components.
M16/AR15 parts
and accessories

•  Vortex/Brakes/Suppressors
•  Grips/Mounts
•  Accessories
M16/AR15Vortex® Flash Eliminator, M4DC Sound Suppressor, Mounts, and Critical Tools.
M1 Garand parts
and accessories
A limited array of parts and service for the M1 Garand.
Vortex® Flash Eliminators
•  .50 BMG
•  7.62MM/.30 Cal.
•  6.8MM, 6.5MM
•  5.56MM
The one – the original – the best flash suppressor on the planet.
Good Iron™ Muzzle Brakes Muzzle brakes for the M16 and M14 weapons, as well as M1, Styer AUG, Galill, and .338 Lapua.
Scope rings Wire EDM and Heavy Duty Chrome Moly 30mm rings in MIL STD 1913 configuration. All five MIL STD 1913 configuration rings now carry NSNs.
Scope mounts and rails Three NSN models now available for the M14, including one for ACOG scopes. Carry Handle NSN MIL STD 1913 mount for M4/M16 also available. Also includes bipods and bipod grips.
Leupold Optics
U.S. Optics
Smith Enterprise, Inc. is a Leupold® Factory Authorized Distributor to Government and Law Enforcement Agencies, and will soon be carrying fine products from U.S. Optics.
Wind Talker™
Sound Suppressors
Combat proven rebuildable systems.
Tools & Other Accesories Critical tools for the M14SE/MK14 SEI and the /M16 family.
Complete Weapons From time to time SEI will make available unusual and highly collectable firearms for the retail consumer. Weapons available in this section must be transferred through a FFL Holder. All Federal, State and Local laws are applicable in conjunction with the sale of these items as required.
Services Services for USG/LE and FMS contracts, as well as civilian-owned weapons.
Sale & Discontinued